Welcome To WildWings 2022!

The Return of the Stseelhtun (Fish)

The WildWings Nature & Arts Festival (WNAF) is an annual series of community events that bring attention to the biodiversity of the Cowichan Valley by using nature as a background to celebrate the interconnectedness of nature, art, culture, and community. Established in 2009, by the Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society, each year has a different theme. As this year’s theme reads, ‘The Return of the Stseelhtun’, this year’s festival will be focusing on our work to help recover fish populations in the S’amunu (Somenos) Watershed. The timing during October purposely coincides with the Cowichan Valley’s seasonal salmon and bird migrations. This year’s festival is in partnership with Cowichan Tribes and the Cowichan Valley Naturalists. The Artist of the Somenos for 2022 is Stuart Pagaduan who was also the Artist of the Somenos in 2017.

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