11th Annual

WildWings Nature & Arts Festival

Bridging Nature with arts and culture

Welcome to WildWings!

The WildWings Nature & Arts Festival is an annual series of community events that coincide with the late fall arrival in the Cowichan Valley of the iconic Trumpeter Swans, North America’s largest waterfowl. Established in 2009 by the Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society, the purpose of the Festival is to bring attention to the important ecosystems of the Cowichan Valley by using nature as a background to celebrate the interconnectedness of nature, art, culture, and community.

We are calling this year’s 2020 Festival the COVID edition as we have had to scale back the number and size of many events due to social distancing guidelines currently in place. Scaled back, but no less enthusiastic, WildWings 2020 is still about nature, art, culture and people and we hope you can get out and enjoy the events that we do have planned.

Art, nature and cultural events take place throughout  October, with outdoor activities mostly happening in the earlier part of the month when the weather is friendly, and indoor events mostly filling the sometimes-wetter, second half of the month.

Outdoor events include: ‘Celebrate Somenos’ Family Day at the Somenos Marsh Open Air Classroom; ‘Afloat in a Boat’, a bring-your-own-boat guided tour of Somenos Lake; and our newest event, ‘Cowichan Make a Difference Day’, where volunteers pick up the garbage in and around Bings and Menzies Creeks.

For indoor lovers, there will two concurrent art shows running in downtown Duncan, one at Just Jakes Restaurant where you can view the annual WildWings Nature Artists exhibition and the other at The Ainslie restaurant, our newest venue, exhibiting the Nature of Cowichan People’s Choice awards photography entries. The final indoor event is our annual one-day WildWeaving workshop with Jan MacKirdy in partnership with the Cowichan Green Community.

To learn more about each of these events, please visit the events page

The Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society is pleased to announce that Jennifer Lawson is reprising her 2018 role as the WildWings “Artist of the Somenos” for this year to fit with our scaled-down COVID version of events.

To learn more about the Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society and the S’amuna’/Somenos Conservation Area please visit www.somenosmarsh.com

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