10th Annual

WildWings Nature & Arts Festival


Welcome To WildWings

The WildWings Nature and Arts Festival is an annual event, established by
the Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society in 2008 to coincide with the
seasonal return of the Trumpeter Swans, the largest waterfowl in North
America who use Somenos Marsh as an overwintering haven for food
and rest.

This year’s 10 th annual festival kicks off on Wednesday, October 9th at
Just Jake’s Restaurant in downtown Duncan with a launch party and the
WildWings Art Exhibition opening reception. The festival continues to
the end of the month with fun-filled educational events where you can

experience and learn more about the nature of Somenos Marsh and
other Cowichan Valley ecological gems. Go to events.

  The S-amuna’/Somenos Conservation Area   

Somenos Marsh is a wonderful wild area on Southern Vancouver Island
fringing both the Duncan and North Cowichan urban areas. In 1988 the
BC Ministry of Environment identified Somenos as “one of the best
places to view wildlife close to an urban centre.” In 2000 Somenos
Marsh achieved a special designation when Bird Life International
recognized it as a ‘globally significant’ Important Bird and Biodiversity
Area (IBA). In 2018 the British Columbia Government formally
designated all crown lands within the Conservation Area as a Wildlife
Management Area (WMA), one of the highest levels of habitat
protection that can be given to an area.

Art Show Submissions

One of the key events of the WildWings Nature & Arts Festival is the annual WildWings art exhibition and sale. The exhibition features 30 – 40 nature artists working around a nature theme and is hosted by Just Jakes restaurant, home of the WildWings loft in beautiful downtown Duncan. The exhibition’s opening reception launches the festival proper, while the art coming down from the walls signals the end of the festival.  

South Vancouver Island artists who are interested in participating, and who have not exhibited at WildWings before, are asked to submit a small portfolio of their work. Previous WildWings artists can confirm their space by email. The submission opportunity is limited by space and numbers, so it is a good idea to book early. For submission guidelines and additional show information please contact the WildWings coordinator paul@fletcherfoto.ca

To learn more about the Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society and the S’amuna/Somenos Conservation Area please visit www.somenosmarsh.com

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