WildWings Nature & Arts Festival

The Return of the Stseelhtun’ by Stuart Pagaduan, Artist of the Somenos for 2022 (and 2017)
WildWings, Trumper Swan, by Jennifer Hedge, Artist of the Somenos for 2020

The WildWings Nature & Arts Festival (WNAF) is an annual series of community events that bring attention to the biodiversity of the Cowichan Valley by using nature as a background to celebrate the interconnectedness of nature, art, culture, and community. Established in 2009, by the Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society, each year has a different theme.

Thank you so much for everyone’s support in making WildWings 2022 a very successful festival!

The WildWings Nature & Arts Festival will take a pause for 2023 to evaluate some new directions for the festival in 2024. It will be shifting focus towards more of the conservation efforts of our parent, the Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society, as we challenge some serious issues in our precious watershed. These issues will likely form a significant part of the 2024 WildWings Festival. Click over to our gallery to take a peek at the festivities from previous years.

Not everything will be taking a pause, though! In 2023, we will still be looking to host the annual WildWings Nature Art Exhibition in October at Just Jakes, along with our nearly-famous artists painted nest box auction at the Old Firehouse Wine Bar. Please visit our Art & Nest boxes pages to view last year’s art work and artist-painted nest boxes.

Stay tuned…