WildWings Nature & Arts Festival 2022

‘Return of the Stseelhtun’

WildWings is filled with art, nature and cultural events that take place throughout the month of October. Outdoor activities mostly happen in the earlier part of the month when the weather is friendly, and then events move mostly indoors for the second half of the month. 

Cowichan Tribes, one of our WildWings partners, provide cultural guidance and leadership for all our indigenous events and activities. Quw’utsun people lead all our indigenous activities and are also involved in many other WildWings events including a Traditional Pik’wun, a salmon BBQ the old way with Qwustenuxun (Jared Williams) on the shores of Cowichan Bay.

This list will be updated as events are added! Some events are require separate registration, so take a peak at that list, too!

Please note that all festival events will be subject to COVID-19 current conditions.

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