Press Release

March 29, 2019

THE SMWS is pleased to announce this year’s ‘Artist of the Somenos’ is Laurel Hibbert.
The Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society is pleased to announce that Laurel Hibbert has been
chosen as the ‘Artist of the Somenos’ for 2019. This honour is bestowed on a local artist
annually to be used to promote our annual WildWings Nature & Arts Festival.
Laurel is a Cowichan Valley artist and a member of the Cowichan Artisans. In Laurel’s
words- “People have told me that they get a sense of joy looking at my work and that is
what I feel when I work. I like to have a story like quality in my images as if something
was just about to happen. I often cannot resist the compulsion to include a sense of
WildWings coordinator Paul Fletcher reports that “Laurel’s work fits perfectly with the
changing styles that we have selected over the last 10 years of the Artist of the Somenos
series. .
The WildWings Festival, now in its 10th year, is a celebration of Cowichan Nature. The
festival includes art events, talks by experts, hikes into special areas, bird and plant
education and several Cowichan Tribes cultural events.
The Festival is supported by many organizations, business and partners. This year we
welcome Cowichan Tribes as our newest partner. The Artist of the Somenos art collection
is sponsored and owned by Lance & Liz Steward from Just Jakes restaurant. It can be
viewed in the WildWings Loft, upstairs at Just Jakes.
To learn more about WildWings and the Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society please visit the
websites of each at:
Below is Laurel Hibbert’s WildWings 2019 art work.
For more information, please contact Paul Fletcher, WildWings 2019 coordinator