Basket Weaving Workshop Details – October 18th 2015

In a fundraising partnership with the Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society’s WildWings Festival Maria Curtis is again offering a daylong basket weaving workshop.

On Sunday, October 18th, 9:30 –4:00 pm in Duncan at the Green Community Meeting room.

Fun With Cat Tail Leaves

Using cat tail leaves for both spokes and weavers, we will begin making a double square base;

Then using twining techniques, and choice of materials, we will twine around the perimecat tail baskets (190x255)ter of the woven square to form a round shape basket. Additions of iris leaves, broom and other naturals  can be added to make the basket unique.

All materials and tools supplied, spaces are limited. Pre-registration is required. Cost $90

Contact: Maria Curtis 250-748-7468